The Cloud Based Candidate Assessment Process | Executive Recruitment Process

GS Compass is our proprietary assessment process which collects, collates and codifies candidate information on an unprecedentedly meticulous scale in a shared platform, allowing you to critically assess potential new employees against personalised hiring criteria in order to make the optimum hiring decision.

96% of new employees recruited using GS Compass are still in place after a minimum of 12 months.


    Utilising internationally accredited behavioural testing apparatus designed to accurately interpret the impact of a new hire on your business. 


    Offering a uniquely comprehensive range of testing mediums, from tailored competency questions to video interviewing, thus delivering intuitive insight not only into the candidate’s current skills, but also into behavioural traits which will impact their ability to succeed within your existing team over the longer term. 


    Giving you the freedom to compare candidates more closely and gain a more in-depth understanding of potential new employees than any traditional process has allowed before, mitigating the risk inherent in rushed or overly brief recruiting campaigns. 


    Enabling you to classify the measures of pre-existing success within your business, informing you how success is manifesting itself currently and how you can build on this for future hires.