Medical Device Recruitment – Our Global Executive Search Services


We connect visionary Medical Device companies with our global network of industry specialists, fulfilling the potential of technology and talent.

Our mission is brought to life through our portfolio of specialised services, each designed to provide a bespoke solution to even the most challenging hiring projects. 

Executive Search in Medical Devices

Our core Executive Search process has been devised and refined over almost 20 years, enabling Medical Device businesses to access and retain impactful, growth-leading talent at each key stage of the company lifecycle. Our methodology incorporates proven success elements within a framework of adaptability to ensure each hiring campaign can be designed to satisfy individualised business requirements.

Team Build Recruitment in Medical Devices

This project-based hiring solution enables your business to respond with agility and accuracy to specialised team requirements and growth opportunities whenever and wherever they develop. Through our Candidate Management function we can provide you with a dedicated account manager and a research team fully immersed in the market sector you wish to recruit from. Combining the most relevant elements of our RPO and Executive Search processes, our Team Build service thus provides the ideal scale for the specifics of your project.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Medical Device

Our RPO service presents a fully scalable, end-to-end recruitment solution for Medical Device businesses who need access to a future-proof talent pipeline at reduced time- and cost-to-hire across multiple role disciplines and geographies. We take over the bureaucracy and legwork of your internal recruitment function and work with you to design and implement a personalised outsourcing plan in line with your business realities and growth strategies.

GS Compass Intuitive Certainty

New hires shape the future of businesses, since the impact of a new hire can never be fully predicted, the future of any company remains at least a partial mystery. GS Compass is our custom designed; cloud technology based Search & Selection process created to deliver unprecedented predictability in new employee performance, minimising the unknown, decreasing risk.

Medical Device Board Skills Analysis

Carried out by a delegation from our own board of directors, our Board Skills Analysis service articulates latent corporate governance considerations, giving you visibility of your leadership assets and providing you with the tools you need to coordinate your team and meet emerging strategic objectives. We will apply our extensive knowledge of Medical Device business leadership to the specific challenges and opportunities facing your business and give you the confidence to meet and exploit these with deep knowledge of the capabilities of your team.

Medical Device Industry Map & Connect

Our Map & Connect service enables Medical Device businesses to maintain their growth trajectories by providing 24 month guaranteed access to a sustainable and bespoke cross-section of talent in multiple role disciplines and geographical regions. The relative agility of Medical device businesses in response to market opportunity is a key differentiator between success and failure. Map & Connect greatly reduces the time and human resources traditionally required to move a search process from establishment of company need through to candidate identification and placement, ensuring that you outperform competitors utilising traditional talent acquisition models.

Map & Connect the Medical Device Industry