Understand your Business’ Leadership Capability – Board Skills Analysis
  • I

    Board Competency Matrix

    A competency matrix is a tool used to plot all of the skills available to an organisation against the aims of a business project or overall organisational strategy. Our Board Competency Matrix provides top-level visibility over the technical and behavioural capabilities and limitations of the existing team.

  • II

    Succession Planning

    Succession planning can safeguard the future of your business by putting in place the processes to identify and cultivate prospective leaders within the organisation. The exercise will not only expose leadership potential among existing employees but it will also provide invaluable knowledge regarding possible expertise and competency gaps which can be fed directly into a hiring strategy.

  • III

    Director Selection Criteria

    This last step aims to fill in skills gaps, effectively ensuring that new appointments are made firmly within the context of the technical and behavioural capacity currently lacking and required. Once mapped out, the director selection criteria serve as a template for all future board-level appointments, forming an integral part of future Executive Search processes.