We Connect your Medical Device Business with our Network of Industry Specialists
  • I

    External Succession Planning

    Serving as an augmentation to, rather than a replacement for your existing internal succession plans, providing a deep, market-led perspective of the leadership options available as your business moves into the next phase of development

  • II

    Competitor skills and Development Data

    Nurturing individuals currently working within competitor organisations gives you access to a unique knowledge base regarding the skillsets being utilised by comparable businesses to your own. The intelligence gained here can then inform your own business strategy and employee reward structures.

  • III

    Employer Brand Development

    We streamline and professionalise your recruitment workflow through strategic management of and close communication with key candidates in your talent pipeline. Map & Connect is designed to ensure that in the shorter term the best candidates are motivated to join your business and in the longer term you are able to build and grow a network of  brand advocates across the industry.