Building Teams for High-Growth Medical Device Businesses
  • I

    Role Specifications & Campaign Design

    First, we need to understand the intricacies and subtle differences of the roles we are recruiting for, so that we can designate our internal skill sets accordingly and build specifications which accurately reflect your business needs.

  • II

    Talent Mapping & Acquisition

    Through this more specialised and granular version of our RPO Talent Mapping & Acquisition stage, we will build a pool of candidates that match the specific skills and profiles outlined within the previous stage.

  • III

    GS Compass Assessment

    Our cloud-based candidate assessment platform utilises cutting-edge behavioural testing techniques to provide a holistic, objective projection of a potential candidate’s impact on the future of your business. By assessing both the role and the person, GS Compass improves new employee retention rates, reducing commercial downtime and overall hiring costs.

  • IV

    Managed Offer & Acceptance

    The advanced interview stage will draw upon the skills gaps and strengths displayed in earlier phases to complete the picture and give you a conclusive answer. Advanced interviews are attended by your dedicated Guided Solutions consultant.