Our Completed Executive Search Assignments | Jobs filled
  • The Context

    Our client, a young interventional cardiology startup company with its parent entity based in Asia was expanding its commercial operations into the EMEA region. To this point, the company had been utilizing the services of consultants to map prospective markets but did not have anyone on-headcount with the required knowledge and experience. The role was conceived to move towards self-reliance. 

  • The Campaign

    The VP EMEA operations would be brought on board to conceive the location of and ultimately build a front-line sales team to cover the key territories within the region. The company had little in the way of infrastructure and so an individual who had experience of establishing a sustainable P&L was pivotal, as was establishing and leveraging a broad KOL network.

    Three viable candidates were selected for GS Compass assessment. Each candidate had direct cardiology market experience and a strong KOL network. The key differentiator in the final decision was the extent to which each of the candidates projected confidence and assured the board of their ability to manage the entity independently, and advise the main board as to the correct course to take.