Our Completed Executive Search Assignments | Jobs filled
  • The Context

    One of Guided Solutions key clients, a company on the cutting edge of Medical technology within the field of Orthopaedics had been expanding rapidly over a 2 year period. The company had originally spun out of a leading research institute with the sitting CEO a member of that research team. All matters of product delivery/Research & Development had, whilst the company was small enough in scale, reported directly to the CEO. As sales began to exponentially increase, so to did the administrative duties required of the CEO, as well as the scope for further product development, the scale of the role had reached such a stage that matters of R&D had to pass to a dedicated individual. 

  • The Campaign

    The role was created to provide a strategic oversight of the Product Delivery function of the business and all of its constituent areas. Given the variety of uses of the core technology, the scope for new product development was vast, the new VP R&D would be tasked with managing these concepts and cultivating from them a commercially viable product offering. From these green shoots the VP R&D would also be responsible for plotting and pre-empting future market capabilities of the core technology. The role, whilst highly strategic, would also require a hands on product development edge.

    Guided Solutions were able to identify a candidate working in an almost identical role discipline, with a company operating in a closely related vertical market. Whilst in many ways the relative seniority of the positions were identical it was the scope of opportunity available with our client's technology which ultimately led to a successful hire.