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  • The Context

    Guided Solutions had a long and successful consulting relationship with a client who, up until the hire in question had limited their operations to the UK and Ireland.

    In the years preceding this appointment the company had made a number of strategic acquisitions of smaller Medical Device Manufacturers which gradually served to increase the scope of the commercial operation. One such technology which they had acquired within the Regenerative Medicine space had competitor products performing well in Germany and the company decided to enter this market with a new national entity and national manager. 

  • The Campaign

    As this was the very first hire that the company had made outside the UK and Ireland the role would be an incredibly hands on start-up driven one defined by the ability of the successful applicant to build a viable entity in Germany . Plotting which regional markets could be infiltrated, and building the direct sales force to carry out the strategy required an individual with experience of the market and the necessary network to populate the team quickly and with high quality sales people.

    The product knowledge and network of the two finalists was unquestionable. What followed was a stringent behavioural assessment over multiple rounds. The Process was elongated, but the eventual result was a deep understanding of the candidates and a guarantee of minimal on-boarding time. Within 6 months the direct sales force was at 7 representatives and there was a presence in 90% of the national market.