Our Completed Executive Search Assignments | Jobs filled
  • The Context

    One of Guided Solutions long-standing clients had a requirement to greatly increase the scale of their Research & Development engineering function in order to support and continue to implement product innovations being developed. The company have a novel and disruptive technology used within medical imaging which has precipitated a paradigm shift in the way practitioners carry out procedures in the therapy area.

  • The Campaign

    The new team and requisite management layer constituted 18 hires in total. 6 software engineers and one manager were required to update core company technology. 6 Research engineers and one manager were required to bring to life and develop new innovations and usages of the core product, with a QA team of 4 then subsequently required to appraise and push back on unworkable adaptations.

    The subject matter of the positions being filled meant that the best profiles for these roles were also courted by multi-national tech giants. The eventual team build of course contained those individuals with the necessary skills, the stand-out characteristic however, was the drive behind the skills to work for a company with an actionable plan to save, elongate and improve the quality of lives across the planet. Each position we were mandated to fill was filled within the agreed time-frame.