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DelAgua was founded at the University of Surrey in 1985. In 2006 the company was spun out into DelAgua Water Testing Ltd, now part of the DelAgua Group of companies.


Supplying NGOs, Governments and Companies with testing solutions, lab equipment and other products.

We have worked with the world’s major NGOs for 30 years, and in 2007 began to increase the product portfolio we could offer to them.

This expanded product range allowed us to begin supplying Governments ‘in-country’ with complimentary equipment to our traditional offering of DelAgua Kits.

This in turn led to us winning supply contracts with companies and others whereby we provided a ‘one stop shop’ solution for all laboratory and life science requirements. We can now offer in the region of 60,000 products and have customers in over 150 countries.


Researching and commercialising the next generation of life science equipment and techniques

The organisation is inexorably associated with academia, which we are extremely proud of. From our origins at the University of Surrey to our current associations with LSHTM, Emory, PSU & Duke, we continue to work at the cutting edge of research and development.

DelAgua looks to invest in new technologies at an early stage and develop these into end-user led commercial devices. We aim to solve problems by making them the reason for development, rather than developing technology without purpose.

Alongside our own research and development we lead pilot programmes for projects that are yet to go to market. Our expertise in working with a diverse set of organisations means that we not only provide a fertile proving ground for new technologies, but offer a much greater chance of commercial success as well.


Designing & implementing large scale projects which help create self-sustaining communities and increase productivity for Government Public Health departments.

Our projects team is dedicated to creating the most efficient and sustainable models for improving public health on a large scale. Sustainability is at the heart of our planning, and we have made long terms commitments in Rwanda and India, with plans to employ over 5000 staff in those countries by the end of 2015.

Our project in Rwanda has taken 3 years of preparation, involved 15 organisations and hundreds of individuals have contributed at the planning stage. We aim to create communities that are healthier, more economically successful and that encourage the prosperity of future generations. Innovative forms of financing allow us to earn revenues on performance, guaranteeing commitment and ensuring the highest possible standards.

In India we aim to assist Ministries of Health to improve existing reporting and monitoring by embracing the latest technology. At the same time we will promote awareness of water safety in and amongst the rural communities, with a target of helping 10 million people by the end of 2015.

Source: DelAgua

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