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At Intraline, we want to change the way we look at work.  We have created a dynamic values driven culture that encourages our employees to be inspiring and exceptional, both in and out of the office.  Our culture helps to define who we are, it shapes our strategy and it drives our company forward.  We believe that a great company culture is more than the perks that companies offer their staff.  It’s more than offering “flex time” or “staff fun days”.  It is a set of principles and values that we live every day at work – through respect, communication, transparency, hard work and great vision.  

These are the seven aspects of our exceptional culture:

1. Placing High Value on Values

Our values guide our actions and decisions and they are critical to our success.  Our core values are Ownership, Courage, Passion and Innovation.

2. High Performance

We value high performance because it translates into accomplishing our goals and objectives, both individually and collectively.  We are not OK with the status quo and are pushing to be an industry leader.  As a result, we focus on hiring motivated and exceptional individuals and set challenging yet attainable goals for our team.

3. Precision Focused

Precision is required throughout all aspects of the value chain and our operations.  Precision delivers exceptional quality.  We will reach beyond the requirements of the industry by providing both products and service of superior quality.

4. Development & Growth

Employee development and growth is a critical pillar to employee satisfaction and a truly great corporate culture.  We provide opportunities for Professional Development but also encourage our employees to develop themselves.  We believe that if you are surrounded by inspiring individuals and team mates, you too will be inspired and strive for excellence.

5. Health & Wellness in the Workplace

We value our employees’ health and we know that happy and healthy workers perform better and achieve more.  Our leaders have regular 1-on-1 meetings for every team member, regardless of where in the world they are working, we provide “snow and sun days” for staff to enjoy healthy outdoor pursuits, we offer an open vacation policy, and we encourage healthy initiatives to the workplace, like walking meetings or lunch time work out sessions.

6. Community Involvement

A healthy team is more than just about what we do in the office.  We believe that when you are invested and engaged in your community, everybody benefits.  Volunteering and participating in community events allows our team to bond and also provides an essential service to the hard working groups that make our community so spectacular. 

7. Caring for the Environment

We believe that an organization can be both financially viable and socially responsible. More than that, we believe that companies thriving in this day and age must give back to the planet - a mandatory insurance policy for the future of our world. That’s why Intraline is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, a collection of international businesses dedicating 1% of their company’s earnings to not-for-profits benefiting the environment. To date, 1% For The Planet has raised over $100 Million for worthwhile environmental causes. Intraline is proud to be the first Pharmaceutical Company to become a 1% member. We are deeply passionate about environmental stewardship, and very excited to be a part of such an incredible organization. 

Source: Intraline

Many companies, who profess an ability to help with your recruitment processes, will cite their large, high quality network of industry specific contacts as a reason for their differentiation from competitors.

Ultimately however, for all the size and supposed qualities of respective networks, the only relevant detail for a hiring company is how that network translates into a successful employee joining them.

At Guided Solutions we embrace technology to maintain industry links, we understand however, that a network that delivers unique results has its roots in traditional relationship building and the insights these connections yield.