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Abbott established a presence in London and began manufacturing in the UK in 1937. The Abbott factory at Perivale employed 100 people by March 1941 and was a key supplier of anaesthetic products to the Allied Forces during World War II. Today, the company is headquartered in Maidenhead, Berkshire, and employs around 1,400 employees who are dedicated to helping people reach their full potential through health. Together, we develop healthcare solutions designed specifically for the UK—from next-generation diagnostic tools that put patients on the path to better health sooner to trusted medicines that help people of all ages stay active and vital.

We understand that good nutrition provides the foundation for a lifetime of good health. That’s why we develop a variety of science-based products that nourish infants, children and adults—from oral nutritional supplements to tube feeds. We also offer a variety of resources for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, including a free nutrition helpline, as well as a service devoted to easing the transition from hospital to home and more.

When it comes to diagnosing diseases, every minute counts. That's why we invest in developing innovative tools that give physicians the information they need to make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment sooner. Our areas of expertise include:

A leader in in vitro diagnostics, we offer a broad range of innovative ways for hospitals, labs, blood banks and clinics to diagnose and monitor health conditions with greater accuracy, speed, convenience and cost-efficiency. The result is smarter decisions for physicians and better health outcomes for patients.

As an emerging leader in the field of molecular diagnostics, we're helping physicians diagnose disease faster, select appropriate therapies and monitor disease progression by analysing DNA, RNA and proteins at the molecular level.

Our point-of-care diagnostic tools provide rapid, accurate and reliable test results at the bedside using just two or three drops of blood. These convenient bedside tests let healthcare professionals make treatment decisions in minutes rather than hours and improve the flow of critical patient information throughout the hospital.

We’re committed to creating innovative technologies that help people with diabetes better manage their conditions. Our state-of-the-art blood glucose meters provide fast, accurate results and make testing more comfortable. For healthcare professionals, we offer point-of-care hand-held devices that provide fast, accurate results of glucose or beta-ketone levels, help minimize user errors and increase efficiency.

We’re transforming the treatment of vascular disease through next-generation devices, investments in research and development, and educational resources for healthcare professionals. Our products make better health outcomes possible every day—from industry-leading drug-eluting stents to minimally invasive treatments that help speed recovery with fewer complications.

Our Informatics business helps laboratories optimise data management, accessibility and integrity by providing labs with powerful and efficient web-based tools. We have almost 25 years of experience working with hundreds of laboratories in the public health, environmental, petrochemical, forensic, pharmaceutical, clinical and diagnostic sectors.

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