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The GlucoSet sensor is a biosensor with a hydrogel matrix incorporated with 3-phenylboronic acid. The gel contracts at rising glucose concentrations as a consequence of glucose-induced cross-binding of phenylboronic molecules. The hydrogel is fabricated at the tip of an optical fiber, and the whole sensor is covered with a semipermeable coating. The diameter of the gel is measured by an interferometric technique (illustration on the right). Changes in glucose concentration cause the volume of the gel to change, causing its diameter to change accordingly. 


The GlucoSet technology was designed from the start to be manufactured in small volumes in the lab for R&D just as well as on an industrial scale for use in clinics. GlucoSet holds patents for the manufacturing process.


GlucoSet holds several patents for different aspects of the sensor technology platform in key markets. The IP portfolio is in continual development.

Executive team

The GlucoSet core team has both expert researchers and the necessary understanding of the medical field. Through seasoned technical advisors, the team has access to years of know-how and knowledge. 


The board members contribute to the company with years of experience from medtech entrepreneurship and business development.

Advisory board

The advisory board consists of international experts within their fields, either as clinical experts or in medtech business development.


Source: GlucoSet

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