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Metrasens is the world’s leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies.

Our innovative products are designed to address deficiencies in conventional screening methods, to make us all safer and more secure. Our mission is to take great science from the laboratory and use it to create revolutionary, award-winning products which meet the real needs of our customers.

Metrasens’ core technologies have an extremely wide range of potential applications. Our growth to date has been achieved through the ability of our team to clearly identify and prioritize the areas in which our technology can make the most significant impact, solving acute problems. We embody our technology in solutions that are easy to adopt and simple to use.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do – from research and development, through to customer service and training. Metrasens products are already making a real impact in a range of sectors, from medical-imaging departments to correctional facilities, and we’re just at the start of our journey.


Metrasens has grown rapidly to become a dynamic international business, and the acknowledged leader in our chosen markets. With a Technology Center and manufacturing facility in the UK, a North American sales and customer service hub in Chicago, and a global network of distributors. Metrasens’ products are making a difference for our customers in over 40 countries.

Metrasens adds value to our customers not just through our technology, but also through the delivery of carefully targeted training and education, accelerating adoption and maximizing efficacy.

Our developments continue to enable new customers, working in increasingly complex environments, to achieve higher levels of safety and security. From protecting secure data-facilities, to providing non-disruptive threat detection in high-footfall locations such as government buildings, religious gatherings, and transport facilities.


Source: Metrasens

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