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Tissue Regenix Group plc is a pioneering, international medical technology company, leading the development of regenerative products to make replacement body parts using biological (human & animal) tissues.

Our Story

Commercialising academic research in regenerative medicine

The company’s patented decellularisation (‘dCELL®’) Technology removes DNA and other cellular material from tissue leaving intact an inert acellular matrix upon which the patients cells can repopulate. 

The potential applications of dCELL® are diverse and address critical clinical needs such as; wound care, heart valve replacement and knee repair. 

Spun out of the University of Leeds in 2006, Tissue Regenix commercialise upon research undertaken by our higher education and research partners around the world. Tissue Regenix listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on the London Stock Exchange in 2010, before opening the first subsidiary office Tissue Regenix Woundcare, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas in 2012. 

In early 2016, Tissue Regenix entered its first joint venture establishing GBM-V , a Tissue Bank in Rostock, Germany, granting them the first licence for the production of dCELL® heart valves, and strengthening its presence within Europe.

Our Technology

dCELL®  gentle, efficient, effective — and powerful

The dCELL® process involves the creation of biological scaffolds which are essentially inert. By removing DNA and cellular material from biological tissues,  the patient's cells can repopulate and colonize creating new, like for like tissue, which is recognized and accepted by the body, significantly reducing the risk of rejection, and stimulating a natural healing process. 

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an innovative and expanding field, researching the potential of tissue engineering and molecular biology to offer a natural recovery by triggering a response through the body's own cells. With the demand for less invasive, longer lasting treatment modalities, regenerative medicine is an increasingly important approach as it removes the need for synthetic (plastic or metal) replacements, reduces the risk of rejection, while offering the potential for less time-consuming and potentially more cost-effective treatments.

Our Plan

Improve quality of life for patient's

Tissue Regenix is developing and commercializing a range of medical devices and treatments based on our patented dCELL® process. We have established operations in the US and UK to target multi-billion dollar global healthcare markets.
Tissue Regenix is currently focusing on three core treatment areas, through its TRX Wound Care, TRX Cardiac and TRX Orthopaedics divisions, working with our research partners, including the University of Leeds, Brazil’s Pontifical University of Parana, and NHSBT, to commercialise the intellectual property rights they generate. 

Source: Tissue Regenix

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